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        Re: Cap break down voltages
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>           Cap break down voltages
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>I am about to start capacitor building again and want to know a good
>working voltage to choose.   I currently have
>3 home made poly/foil caps 0.03uF -at-10KV.   These caps have
>40mils of good quality poly between the plates.
>Some time ago I remember Richard Hull posting about chemical breakdown
>of the dielectric where voltages exceed 10KV.   
>If this is the case then I see little point adding to the thickness of
>the poly for a higher voltage rating.   I will simply build more of my
>0.03uF 10KV caps and wire them in series.

>Julian Green

This latter idea is best, Julian.  At 10KV RMS input to a coil, over
peak might easily appear across working caps.  Even in oil, a small RF
corona can appear at this level and the oil is slowly worked chemically
until it fails in the long run.  I set the limit for single unit
caps at an arbitrary 10KV RMS applied.  I try to never exceed 8KV on
homemade caps.  R. Hull