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>        Future Fantastic
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>>>What was the show titled that has you in it and do you know when it airs
>>The show was "Future Fantastic"  A more reasonable and coherent version aired
>>in Great Britian in November of 96.  The TLC version is a mish-mash of
>>gibberish linking totally unrelated energy ideas to alien technology...
>>blah... blah... blah.  Same video as the Brits saw but lots of gibberish
>>Idiotic and made for the types of Dweebs who watch U.S. TV and find it
>        hmmmmmm
>        A show of that title aired last night.(1/april)
>        I was concentrating on CIA History on another channel...
>>The show has been aired to death in March for three Fridays in a row with two
>>repeats each evening.  I expect it has been shown to death now and may not
>        Usually there isa 'near term' repeat on the weekend....
>        [...]
>>Richard Hull, TCBOR
>        Hey, we could tape it, and turn down the sound, just watch the
>        sparks...
>{Other Matter
>        Current, April, Scientific American has a review of Marc
>        book on Tesla....]
>        regards
>        dwp
The show Future Fantastic is like Nova.  A different subject each week. 
one I was on was about new energy forms.

I have Seifer's book, but haven't cracked the cover.  Been too busy!

Thanks for the update.