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        Re: Confusing Statements
        Sat, 5 Apr 1997 04:45:50 -0700
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To Kevin Conkey:

On normal non-syncrho RSG's we usually use 10 or 12 electrodes on a 12"
dia. disk.  On some experimental synchro smaller coils we have use 4
electrodes on both 10 and 12 in. dia. disk.  

Sorry for the confusion -- it was our fault we didn't define which
we were using with the RSG's.  We usually prefer non-synchro's for most
small and large coils.  The snychro's do have a lot more current
took a lot of photo's in the early 70's to prove this point.  The
looks more like a Kirlian photography effect than the non-synchro

We usually don't spec the RSG holes exactly -- we just show the
what we are doing and rely on his skills.  So far our new machinist (now
with us for 7 yrs) is doing a good job with his press fitting.  We will
check with him again to get the exact tolerances if you need them.  

Thanks for your patience and happy coil building.


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> Subject: Confusing Statements
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> I am confused by several posts by Dr. Resonance.
> In one post you said that you use 10 electrodes on a 12" disc and in
> another you say you use 4. ???
> Another puzzlement, why would you spec a hole to be .001 larger than its
> intended size and the fitting electrode to be .002 larger than intended.
> I would never have assumed that.
> Would you not spec the hole and the electrode to have certain + and -
> tolerances?
> And what would they be, realistically.
> --
> Kevin M. Conkey