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Another place to go is the dumpster behind a plastics company, assuming
that they do any cutting and fabrication.  It seems that there is some
category of cut offs that don't merit saving in their bins.  While not
nice, the dumpster pieces will suffice for a lot of projects.  


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> Another tip on cheap material...
> If you have a local skylight manufacturer, check in their discard bin
> or trash...generally, if they manufacture plastic domed skylights, they
> also have various type of acrylic, perspex, plexi, etc, cutoffs which
> can be sizable. 
> We have picked up enough sheets to put together some very nice
> pieces which can be glued or bonded with a special acrylic glue that 
> is sold for that purpose. Our coil setup is a three tier setup about 18" 
> square, made up entirely of these pieces. The same pieces at Tap 
> Plastics in their cutoff bin are very pricey.

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