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        04 Apr 97 09:52:39 EST
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>Did the 2kw heater work ? what is the current you could get from this (i
>if the microwave xf take about 800w each and there are 3 then
>with a current limit i'll get less power but also less voltage)
>is this right ?<

Yes - no fuses blown - current restricted to the rating of the heater.
To get the use out of 2400w at 6000v you'll need a lot of capacitance
- 0.02uf will draw about 300W.

As the current limiting resistor I've used a board with 3 mains
standard sockets. Ground connected to mains ground, live to
live and neutral to the transformers.

I can then use standard household objects for resistors -
a lamp gives a nice indication of current, 2kw heater -
convector or a bar fire. Or even a water cooled 1kw resistor
- the electric kettle. It works though the ladder is a bit sticky.
Even with just the lightbulb I can get a spark - the voltage must
fall away when the arc forms. But this must happen with a neon
as well - (an internal impedence will drop the voltage exactly
like an external impedence).

Next set is too make a sparkgap. I looked at Richard
Quick's cyclinder gap. I decided to build it in a box.
Easier to set the gaps on a flat surface.
Maybe set the gaps slightly closer together and use
more of them and change the number of gaps I use
rather than the distance between them. 

Looked at the 1.5" copper pipe - looked at the hacksaw
and said no! Hired a large pipe cutter - did the job
neatly in no time. As a bonus the ends of each piece
are slightly concave. I'll probably set them in two
rows of six, 0.025" apart, one row will probably be
enough for 5500v. Rows well separated.

A    |______________
N     0===0   0====0

I'm keen to build for safety and less stress on the
transformers and capacitors rather than max sparx.

Have fun,

Alan Sharp.