neon plunder!

           neon plunder!
           Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:42:11 -0800
           Roderick Maxwell <major-at-vicksburg-dot-com>

I have to admit that I got jeleous of Nathan Bonsal when he said he was
 rebuilding 7 neons. So I went to Jackson today which is about 80 miles
 from where I live. The nearest town is vicksburg which is 30 miles
 away(I,m a hick I live in the country). Vicksburg has only one small
 neon shop, and I already paid him a visit, that is how I got the other
 transformers. I found another much larger shop in Jackson, one of
 several others. I asked the man in charge could I have some neon
 transformers for a science project, and I told him I wanted only the
 ones. He looked sort of puzzled for a moment then he asked me how many
 wanted. I told him how many you got? Well I've got a whole pile of them
 out back and I'll charge you a dollar each. I told him okay. So one of
 the other men that works in the back showed me a pile about three foot
 high! He tells me if the boss don't see ya take as many as you want! So
 I grabbed about 23 total. I could have gotten more but the minivans
 springs were sitting kind of low! Heres what I grabbed.
 13  MAGNATEK    15,000    30ma
 4   FRANCEFORMER  15,000  30ma
 1   MAGNATEK     15,000   60ma 
 1   JEFFERSON ELECTRIC 15,0000  30ma
 1  TRANSCO  12,000  30ma
 3   ?????   12,000  60ma
   The last 3 transformers I can't identify but they have two large
 socketed holes with springs inside on one end to connect to the neon
    And get this, he said come back and get some more if you want.(
 my heart and hope to die)!
                              Frankensteins Helper