Re: Final test on new TC

            Re: Final test on new TC
            Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:52:22 +1200
            "Malcolm Watts" <MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz>
            Wellington Polytechnic, NZ

Hi Skip, John,

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>         Skip Greiner wrote:
> >  k: .19 with sec mounted 4" above top turn of primary
> Great results Skip!    Interesting that your k value is close to the
> magic
> value of .22, it would be interesting to observe the pri. or sec. RF
> waveform
> now to see if you're seeing "deep and clean" beat notches which would
> indicate "magic value quenching action".  You might be quenching more
> quickly
> too with your present set-up.
>    John Freau

Actually, k=.19 is even closer to the magic .18 and the slightly 
higher figure might indicate that it takes the gap loss into account
for .18.  Bert Hickman has shown that in practice, an ideal k must be 
higher than the magic value because the loss to the primary includes 
transfer "loss" as well as gap.

> > Next step: onward to 1.8kw, 15kv-at-120ma. Who knows, maybe 72" with 
> > 1.8kw.
> > I think that to achieve tuning with a larger primary cap I will have to
> > rewind the secondary with a smaller diameter wire, or maybe a wire with
> > thinner insulation.
> > Skip

At this point I'd try simply upping the primary voltage. The system 
sounds great as it is.