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        Tue, 01 Apr 1997 07:36:03 +0300
        Kenneth Aaron <kennetha-at-geocities-dot-com>
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>>Hi Kenneth
>>You wrote:
>><do i have to put it in oil ? , can i do without the oil ?
>><also 4*800w is too much for my 220v 16 amp house wiring - don't forget
>><these things when shorted can give upto 200% power.
>><if i use 3 and get around 6000vac, will this do ? (power is around 2000w
>><this could help ?)
>>You can do without the oil but as John Freau posted there can be arcing
>>to the core and this will only burn the unit up over time (a short time!)
>>If it's a matter of cost, the oil doesn't have to be first rated
>>transformer oil, you can use clean motor oil or mineral oil that is sold
>>for animal use.The idea here is to insulate and the oil soaks into the
>>small places.
>>Is the standard outlet voltage 220v like in Europe?The 4*800w was assuming
>>120v at the outlet where 2 transformers could be connected in series and
>>fed 220v-sorry if I was wrong.:)

yes the voltage is 220v.

>>As Malcolm Watts posted these unit do a number on the current waveform;
>>and like you have observed, they do draw the amps!I use a homemade
>>inductive ballast to limit the incoming current.That way you could connect
>>them up to suit the available voltage and stop the current draw at an
>>acceptable level.

can you give me more info on teh inductive balast you built. this
could be a solution to my problem. so far i have 2 transformers, one
600w at
2000v and the other 1200w at 2000v. if i put in two more (i don't 
know the voltage because i havent got them yet) your
coil might limit the current and give the 8000+ volts i need.
ow did you build it ? a large coil in series to the 220v ?

Kenneth Aaron 
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