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>I saw a show where Mr. Hull and Mr. Graneau were interviewed about high
>power arcs in water. The resulting explosion of said water arc blew a
>hole in a plywood board. It was stated that the output energy was more
>the input energy.

This work is still on going and the excess energy is suspected to be
bonding energy which is not fully undestood in the water molecule.  It
appears this energy is made available when water is instantly blasted
mist particles smaller than 5 microns in diameter.  It is a cold
and no steam is created.  We believe in the laws of conservation of
so there must be some sort of bizarre and as yet unknown storage
when water is condensed in the upper atmosphere.  This energy is
supplied by
the sun in the form of heat.  So one might say we are using the arc to
release stored solar energy from the water molecules.

I do believe that water is a key to a number of major discoveries off in

Peter Graneau has a couple of material physicsists at MIT looking into
possibilities.  The excess energy we record is all low grade heat and
carnot cycle will not let this be used efficiently for any purpose we
see, but it is excess energy nonetheless.  Lets let this die here on
list as it ain't Tesla coil related.

Richard Hull, TCBOR