RE: ignition scope

        Re: a thought on scopes - use an ignition scope
        Mon, 31 Mar 1997 07:38:15 -0600
        "Kent Vander Velden" <graphix-at-iastate.edu>
        "Tesla List" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

> I have an older (sun??) ignition scope sitting in my garage - it runs on
> 12VDC 
> which mostly powers some tube filaments - it gets all the HV from the
> ignition 
> coil - it connects to the coil secondary as well as the battery.  It
> would 
> seem that this might be a useful way to look at tesla waveforms - what
> do you 
> guys think.  I suppose once I could even go out to the garage again and
> look 
> at it to refresh my memory about how it actually hooks up - I bought it
> on a 
> whim for $2 at a car swap meet (it didn't work), and had to replace the
> HV 
> rectifier tube to make it work - I used it once as an ignition scope to
> see 
> how they worked and haven't looked at it in several years.

  Does this scope have to be hooked up to the points, 120V, the battery
then inductively to the ignition coil or the plug wires?  My father has
of these that he built and as far as cars go the only thing that it is
useful on any more that we have is an old super H tractor since
has gone to electronic high output ignition.  It would be interesting to
know if this could be used for coiling work since it is for the most
the one we have is would love to have a use again.