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Hi Bert:

Do you recall what the primary capacitance was on Greg's big coil? 
if known, what size and type HV terminal atop the sec. coil did he use. 
Thanks for the data.


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> Subject: Greg Leyh's big coil
> Date: Monday,March 31,1997 9:18 PM
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>         Greg Leyh's big coil
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> Wild Bill Emery and I and a couple of other people drove down to Austin,
> Texas, to visit with Greg Leyh and to see his big coil in action at the
> show.  Lot's of very weird spectators there (and some very weird SRL
> people
> too, I might add), some incredible pieces of mechanical wizardry, and
> one
> massive mother of a Tesla coil!  Some specs:  42 inches in diameter, 129
> inches tall, wound with 8 gauge "locomotive" wire, 3 TPI.  Primary: 4.5
> turns of 3/8 inch thick soft copper buss bar about three inches wide
> (somewhere near 300 pounds!)  Input power is 30 kva and up.  We saw some
> solid 20 foot+ sparks at this show, and I know Greg could have pushed it
> way
> beyond this.  Bill and I helped Greg rebuild a 60 kilojoule capacitor
> bank
> that was used in conjunction with this big Tesla coil.  The caps were
> charged to full capacity and wires were run to large banks of
> fluorescent
> tubes arranged around and down the length of some 14 foot long two by
> fours.
> When the Tesla coil's sparks hit one of the light banks, about a zillion
> amps of high voltage/current tore through the tubes and then through the
> Tesla coil secondary to ground.  The flash of the big fluorescent tubes
> discharging the big capacitor bank was incredible!  I've never seen an
> array
> of dozens of 10 foot fluorescent tubes blown up before - it was an
> awesome
> display of raw power.  Finally meeting Greg was the real highlight of
> the
> trip; he is one hell of a nice guy, and I learned a lot from him in the
> 8
> hours I hung around.  I shot over 100 pictures of the coil, the rotary,
> the
> caps, the power supply, the sparks, heck I might have even got a shot or
> two
> of Greg himself! As soon as I get these pictures processed (I'm getting
> triple prints and may have to sell my car to pay for all the processing)
> I
> will scan some of the better pics and post them to the image list.  For
> those of you who have never been to an SRL event, it is something to
> check
> out, especially if Greg and his coil are going to be there.  
> Greg, it's an awsome coil, and an incredible accomplishment.  Hope I can
> equal or surpass its performance some day.
> In desperation, Bert hastily built a Tesla coil out of parts torn from a
> toaster, a microwave oven, and his wife's hair dryer. . .
> Bert Pool
> bertpool-at-flash-dot-net