Re: 6" first firing

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>Subject: 6" first firing
>Twas the wee hours this am that my 6" finally was fired up
>for the first time.  Within 20 minuites we had 4.5 foot of
>flaming arcs comming off the torroid in every direction.
>I'm sure that there is plenty more left to tune out of it,
>but it is no longer safe to run in the basement :-)
>Kind of a brick wall I have hit untill I can find a bigger
>place to continue.


Congratulations, sounds like quite a success.  I have the same problem that
you do.  I outgrew the basement, the garage is not big enough.  All I can do
now is run it outside and we can't seem to get any decent wether yet in
Spokane, WA.

Ed Sonderman