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>Also, the 60mil poly caps should never see more than about 
>9KVAC per cap.
I understood that, and didn't move from 7.5kV to 15kV until I had
build a 3 layer 0.030" cap. Then I tried 15kV on the single 0.060" cap
- I wouldn't have been so down hearted if it had gone out with a bang
instead of a whimper;(
>Once you move on to 
>a pole pig or a non-shunted transformer and plan on 4 KW or more power 
>output, the homegrown rolled caps are going to be stressed to beyond 
>their limits.
I'll have to check my lab notes (not bound yet so I cant call it a
book) to see when I blew the 3 layer cap.
>The rolled amateur caps are for Neon Transformer systems and rather low 
>power use (under 3KW).  Most of the problems that I have seen occur are 
>when rotary gaps are used and the rep rate is taken up to levels beyond 
>500 bps.
	I took out the second 3 layer 0.030" dialectric cap with a
15kV 60mA neon and a rotary gap at about 2500 bps (potentially).