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>I can now pull a 4" arc out of my solid state design.

Great, that's better than I got with my first try at a spark gap

>. Windings
>very hot (core ok). Electronics were still fine though
>output transistors barely warm, transformer checks
>out ok and I'll try another short run when its cold.
Good, your drive, FET's and snubbers are AOK. Now just wait for some
bigger cores and larger wire.

>If I do use in church for a childrens talk I 
>reckon I should disconnect the inductive loop
>and switch off the PA. Any other potential
>hazards??  It will be about 15' from the
>nearest member of the congregation. 
Pacemakers, Electronic watches being in the direct strike. Electronic
timers or microprocessors on the same power line, a good line filter
will stop this.

------ silliness on ----
Photo Flash bulbs (they are worth more as a collectors item
unflashed:) Blasting Caps with long wires (no telling what the little
darlings are up to today;)
------silliness off ----

>A surplus store is selling lots of small toriodal
>cores - no information on the core materials
>only that some are red, or blue or natural -
>is there a colour code for these things?

Yes, but it is manufacture dependent.

	happy sparking,