Re: Resistance of Oven Element

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>I originally opted for two oven elements and put them in parallel with my
>arc welder.  However, whenever I would close the contactors (push the
>the 40A circuit breaker would blow.  I don't exactly understand why, except
>the possibility of a sudden surge of current to energize a 10KVA pole pig.
>When I took out one of the elements, I didn't have the breaker trip problem,
>so that's where I am forced to stay for now.  My ohmmeter died, so I can't
>what the resistance is.


Are you using a variac?  When I close the main switch, it applies power to
the variac but since it is turned to minimum, no current flows through the
welder yet.  As you turn the variac up, the current through the welder, oven
elements and pole pig primary start to rise.

Ed Sonderman

[I'm replying here because I'm at work and it's easier...
 Ed, I was thinking about Kristian's suggestion and realizing just what you
 are asking.  I have a variac that is indeed turned down to 0 when I tried
 to turn on the cabinet with the mulitiple oven elements in the circuit
 when the breaker tripped.  As I recall (I'm not at home now) the variac
 is in the circuit before the welder and pole pig.  Thus, there should 
 be no current to anything except the variacs (2 28A 220V powerstats)
 I also know that the oven elements are not in the circuit incorrectly
 because I checked it a couple times, and they never got hot until
 I turned up the power.  Do you think that the problem is caused
 by the variacs alone?  If so, Kristian's idea/suggestion still holds water
 -- Chip