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> >A fantastic book I am currently wading through calls into question some
> >aspects of Maxwell's equations especially as regards displacement
> >currents and their hypothesized attendant magnetic fields and further
> >points up and mathematically proves that some of his equations have no
> >demostrable causal relationships.  This is a very well done piece of work
> >by Dr. Oleg Jefmenko, professor at West Virginia State Univ.  If anyone
> >is a guru on electrostatics/ electrodynamics, it is he. (has written two
> >text books on the subject).  In short, grave doubts about what we were
> >taught at the core level are starting to bubble to the surface.
> >
> >Thanks and I welcome any response,
> >
> >Richard Hull, TCBOR
> >
> Richard, it just so happens that I am very interested in displacement
> currents, and have been doing some work on a device that is based entirely
> upon displacement current theories.  Could you give me more info on this
> book, as I would like to study up on displacement current theory.
> Thanks - Bert

The book is entitled "Causality, Electromagnetic Induction and 
Gravitation", Oleg Jefimenko, 1991, Electret Scientific publishing.
I know that 21st Century Books carries the title.  Otherwise, it is very 
hard to get. Just under $20.00 (paperback)

Unlike many books and publications with similar titles, this is by no 
wacko or erstwhile "wanna-be"!  It is a focused study by a leading 
professor of electromagnetic studies.  It is, therefore, necessarily, 
very mathematical. (That's why I am wadding through it!)  Nonethelss, it 
is a very pensive study of some wrong assumptions and non-causal 
relationships which have been thaught to us for years.  It was my own 
questioning of the principle of magnetic fields associated with 
displacement currents which led me to this book at the insistence of my 
good friend, Charles Yost (Electric Spacecraft Journal).

Richard Hull, TCBOR