Tesla's US Patents

Tesla Researchers,

At this stage my database of Tesla's US patents contains 112 patents in his 
name.  All of them are reproduced in "Glenn, Jim (ed), THE COMPLETE PATENTS 
OF NIKOLA TESLA, published 1994 by Barnes & Nobel".  My sincere thanks go to 
Jim Fosse for providing pages numbers and dates from this book which I do 
not have.

I am presently compiling errata concerning patent numbers, dates and 
discussions in various references.  Believe me, there are a few blunders. 
 "O'Neill, J.J., PRODIGAL GENIUS; THE LIFE OF NIKOLA TESLA, republished 1978 
by Angriff Press" contains no fewer than 8 typographical digit  substitution 
errors on pages 321-322.

There are 3 outstanding queries:

1.  613,819 is only referred to in "Tesla, N., My Inventions, published 1977 
by Skolska Knjiga", in the appendix by Tomo Bosanac as "613,819, Filings 
Tube, date of application unknown".  I think he actually meant 613,809; this 
patent mentions 'filings tube' or similar in many places.  See lines 
2/114-129, 3/60-130, 4/28-43, 4/65-81, 4/130-5/43, 8/55-80.

2.  523,832 and 603,049 "Bladeless turbine" are only referred to in "Jeffery 
A. Hayes, Boundary Layer Breakthrough, published 1990 by Twenty First 
Century Books".  I can't find my copy of this anymore, but my guess is that 
these are not Tesla patents, as the numbers fit in to 1894 and 1898, and 
Tesla did not file any turbine or fluidic patents until 1909.

It would be great if someone could confirm that these 3 patents are not 

3.  I am missing a whole bunch of page references for "Ratzlaff, J.T., Dr. 
Nikola Tesla; Complete Patents, published 1983 by Tesla Book Co.", so I am 
looking for someone with this book to provide a list of patent numbers and 
page numbers.  A legible scan of the contents page would be sufficient.

Please respond privately by email.  After the Ratzlaff references have been 
added, a detailed list of patents will be posted.

Glenn Baddeley <gbaddele-at-vitgssw.telecom-dot-com.au>
National Vice President,
Australian Nikola Tesla Society (ANTS),
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Victoria, Australia