To All,

A lot of amateur builders don't have a grasp of what isotropic 
capacitance really is.  Yes, they use the word a lot and accept its 
premise, but how well do they grasp the concept?

The best article for the non-scientist reader which imparts a rigid 
understanding of what Isotopic capacity is and how it is developed, is 
found in an old issue of TCBA News (volume 6, #2, 1987) It is written by 
Micheal Schoessow. I often quote from this article and rate it as one of 
the best ever appearing in the "NEWS".  Contact Harry Goldman about a 
back issue $6.00. You might also subscribe to this great publication too 

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Basically, Space is a dielectric, in that it has a quality called 
permittivity (8.8 picofarads/meter)  It is thru this good office and the 
rest of the matter in the universe that a single terminal in outer space 
has capacitance.  The equations for this value are all screwed up as are 
most theoretical formulae when applied to a real sphere in your lab.  
Expect a nice healthy, real world, 20% error when plugging in values. 
Please note, this is no dig at science or theory. I am absolutely certain 
that the sphere's isotropic capacitance would equal the equations 
perfectly, if measured floating in an interstellar void!

I mention the above only because a lot of us need to know or at least 
seek to understand every facet of the narrow and quite knowable area of 
Tesla coils and related theory.

Richard Hull, TCBOR