Re: Tesla Progress, Rugs and Hospital

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>	I also got my CP capacitor mounted and linked to the primary in a manner
>has less than 3" of additional 1/2" copper tube going from the cap to the
>primary.  All 
>that's left is the torroid asembling the filter (already wound torroid
>chokes) and the 
>power cabinet.  Then I will try and get things rough cut tuned, followed by
>testing!  I don't expect to get to that point for about 5-6 weeks or so, but
>I keep 
>chewing away at it.  I have really enjoyed hearing about some of the other
>coils and the 
>progress being made.  I hope the postings on what works and what doesn't
>	I now have an old Tektronix scope and tomorrow I'm trading an old Laser for
>RF signal generator.  That's good for me and the fellow I'm trading with,
>since I don't 
>need the Laser and he doesn't need the RF generator anymore.  The scope and
>the RF 
>generator should help to get things in rough tune before applying any power.
>Enough for now!


Sounds like good progress.  Sorry to hear about your heart problems.  Keep in

Ed Sonderman