Re: 6" first firing

So far I am still using just one CP .025 cap with the Thorardson
6kva dry transformer.  The rotary is not yet finished so the
vacume gaps were used.  Power levels I can't say cause I don't
have any meters yet, but the 15 amp fuses in the disco box
are still holding.  One thing I did notice that kind of goes against
theory is that the hottest arcs came at 6 gaps.  I have 10 gaps
available and the 4" liked it best with 8.  The 6" likes 6 gaps
and they stay cool.  I'm suprised by that after reading that more
is better.  The coil starts to break out about 55 on the vairac and 
is really cookin at 100.  BTW, I am firing with the welder shunt
fully in (minimum current).  If I open it up the gaps do break down
no matter how many I use.  
Time to wind a 10" :-)


> I assume you are running the CP cap with rotary and pole pig
> power supply. Any idea how much power you were using?
> Keep up the good work!
> Richard Quick