RE: 2-Coil Tuning

Hello Coilers,
David Huffman said:
>I have a Terman, but it is newer than yours (1955).
>Is the section heading you described RESONANT PRIMARY AND SECONDARY?
>The page numbers don't match my issue.
in reply to a post by me:
>        I took a look at Terman's text (Radio Engineers' Handbook,
>McGraw-Hill, 1943, pp 154-163) to see what he said about this.  I, too, have
>wondered if one should drive a coil at one of the split frequencies, for
        My copy is the 1st edition of the above named text.  Terman later
wrote another text with a similar title, with slightly different content.
In the 1st edition, it is in Section 3, Circuit Theory, subheading Simple
Resonant Circuits, item 5 Two Resonant Circuits Tuned to the Same Frequency
and Coupled Together.
        Terman references a paper by C.B Aiken, claiming it to contain "a
very complete discussion of this subject".  I have not seen it as of yet.
The reference is: "Two-mesh Tuned Coupled Circuit Filters", Proc. I.R.E.
V25., p230, February; P. 672, June, 1937, (apparently in two parts).
Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.