Re: Capacitor test results

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>Hi Ed,
>      Apologies for my second post on this in one day, but I've been
>carefully re-reading your posts on symptoms. I wonder whether the cap
>isn't intermittently going open circuit? I wonder how they connect 
>the foils inside? The silicone oil would be a rather good insulator
>for a dodgy connection?


With the symptoms I have with the system, I was very suprised to hear from
Condenser Products that the capacitor is good.  The symptoms say otherwise.
 I would like to set the capacitor up with the pig (on the work bench) and
test fire it with some short, direct wiring.  I will need to use the rotary
gap however, as a normal gap will not quench with the pig even with the
current limited down with the welder.

How should I connect this?  Wire the capacitor directly across the high
voltage supply and the put the gap in parallel with it?  Maybe I will try it
first with a couple of neon sign transformers.

Ed Sonderman