Re: Capacitor problems

Tesla List wrote:

> > I visually checked the bypass caps (home made, rolled, not in oil) and did
> not see any burn marks, soot or damage.  I checked them with the ohmeter and
> they look ok.  I don't have any means to do a high voltage test on them.
> I expect to get a call from Condenser Products today.  I will let you know.
> Ed Sonderman

Ed, all

I have had a few such problems myself in the past, Ohmeters may be of 
little use.  Capacitance meters also are of little value in this 
scenario.  When it is a "puzzlement", you should isolate the the 
components individually in a separate working circuit or system at full 
working voltage!

You can blow a 3" hole through three levels of a rolled cap in oil and it 
will neve check shorted!  The capacitance will be totally unaffected, 
too.  Only once the real working voltage (RF only) is placed on the unit, 
will it fail.

Richard Hull, TCBOR