Re: Solid State - air core driver??

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>>From haba-at-cc.hut.fiSun May  5 10:35:46 1996
>That is fine. 10 turns for primary and 10 for each fet should do. Multiple
>transformers is just making it cost more and it may even lead into some
>problems. Single transformer is fine. 
If you use a single transformer, how do you shut off all the FETs
during current limiting without just letting the transformer decay
down to 0 volts on the secondaries? With a single transformer you will
have to reverse the primary voltage to turn on the other FET.

>> 2nd question if I build a full bridge then presumably I only have to
>> current limit the bottom fets? If I wanted to build a half bridge then
For a full bridge, I would wind 2 transformers with 2 secondaries
each. That way the PWM control chip can shut off all the FETs.