Re: Portable 10kW powersupply.

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>>Subject: Portable 10kW powersupply.
>>Hello all,
>>I recently acquired a 10kW 1-phase Ac-generator (150kg mass) and I am
>>planning to run it with a diesel engine. Has anyone any experience about
>>the control one needs to alterate the carburetor setting as a function of
>power output from the generator? How do they do this in aggregates? 

>	all the small 5-10Kw alternators that I've seen (not that
>many) use a solenoid in series with the output to pull the carburetor
>butterfly valve open.

>	cheers,

>	jim

Kristian,  Jim and you other Tesla Coil maniacs,

My experience with AC generators is that they use a centrifugal 
governor which specifically relates engine RPM (or alternator output 
frequency) to a throttle position control.  If the RPM drops 
(frequency drops), more pressure is automatically put on the gas pedal.  There
is no need for any electrical reference to current load.  When or if the 
electrical load exceeds the current capability of the 
generator/engine combination, the voltage AND frequency will drop
automatically (how 'bout that?).

I have a 5 ton GMC straight truck with a 20 foot long aluminum box on 
the back.  On board is a silenced 18.75 kVA, Onan, 120 cu.in. liquid 
cooled,  gasoline 3-phase genset.  It delivers 55 amps per leg at 208 
volts and is set up to drive my big coil to 20 foot streamers along 
with a 2000 watt Altec Lansing 'Voice of the Theatre' outdoor sound system
also part of the payload for those extra 'theatrical enhancements' which make
for a great outdoor TC show.  The thunder will rattle your body and 
ruffle your pantlegs at 100 feet!  

This genset uses the centrifugal throttle governor previously 
described.  It also has a neat feature; when it runs out of fuel it 
shuts down automatically!

Have Tesla Coil, will travel!, rwstephens