Re: Solid State

Thanks for the help everyone.

I've got the push pull transformer working - 
I started with a 7:1 ratio on the transformer
and its producing a 2" arc, its only drawing
about 1.5A at 150v and everything is working
fine. Everything is running cool, I had 
remembered that the snubbers would have to
cope with 300v peak and rated resistors for
that. The transformer has a long way to
go before its optimal for the voltages and
I think that my current limiting is way too
sensitive. I'll reduce the sensing resistor,
again, and try a 10:1 turns ratio.

Transformer gets hot. (wiring not the core).

Hari wrote:
>Better use more wires with smaller diameter. 
>I saw my design suffered from using only two paralleled 0.7mm 
>diameter wires. With a bunch of 0.25mm wires it is way better. 
>Skin effect and proximity effect again..

Yes that makes sense, I'll stick to single wires for the push pull.
(Winding // multiple wires would be a pain.)
(When I move to a half bridge I'll get some Litz wire for the 
Harri we're probably using similar cores - what was your
recipe for the windings.

The transformer hisses noisily away from the resonance
frequency - I'm not sure why.

I think I can tweak another couple of inches out of this -
try and take measurements. And then go for the half

Alan Sharp (UK)