Re: Isotropic Capacitance

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>> Subject: Isotropic Capacitance
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>A fantastic book I am currently wading through calls into question some 
>aspects of Maxwell's equations especially as regards displacement 
>currents and their hypothesized attendant magnetic fields and further 
>points up and mathematically proves that some of his equations have no 
>demostrable causal relationships.  This is a very well done piece of work 
>by Dr. Oleg Jefmenko, professor at West Virginia State Univ.  If anyone 
>is a guru on electrostatics/ electrodynamics, it is he. (has written two 
>text books on the subject).  In short, grave doubts about what we were 
>taught at the core level are starting to bubble to the surface.
>Thanks and I welcome any response,
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

Richard, it just so happens that I am very interested in displacement
currents, and have been doing some work on a device that is based entirely
upon displacement current theories.  Could you give me more info on this
book, as I would like to study up on displacement current theory.

Thanks - Bert