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>Subject: Blown Cap
>Hello fellow coilers,
> well I can say that coiling is a learning expierience. Just yesterday
> I blew my newly
>made rolled cap. 

	Been there, done that. 3 times! I'm a stickler for learning
curve. My first cap was a single 60mil polyethylene, oil filled,
vacuum out gassed. Second and third, were 3 layers of 30mil
polyethylene also oil filled and out gassed. The only one I haven't
blown yet is my 2 layer 60mil polyethylene, but because it's only 6nf,
I've not run it for very long.

I decided after 3, that it was time to get in on Scott's group buy.
I'm waiting (very impatiently) for it to arrive;)

So far, no one has blown a CP cap. Or at least admitted to it on this