Re: Tesla Coils (fwd)

Hi Mark and others,
                    I've just completed a calibrated 1 - 15kV DC power
supply and made an interesting discovery. The coil I fire at work has
been putting out 4+ footers with a PRF of 100 (1/mains half cycle) on
just 1.25 Joules per pulse (about a third of what I had previously
thought). The cap for this coil is 0.1uF. It seems that the demo
transformer I've been using for this coil has been suffering 
horrendous power losses and doing a stirling limiting job (it does
get quite hot after runs of about a minute). At 5kV (the real gap 
setting I've been using), the gap is very well behaved (no power
arcs, good extinguishing). This must be due to the transformer 
     I will also post some interesting information shortly on cap
size vs output when I've completed a series of experiments at home.