First Firing

Well, I finally fired up my  8 1/2" coil today. Didnt get much out, only 12
to 15". Then again I had a pretty much jerry-rigged setup. Here is what I
have: (dont laugh)

8.5" secondary wrapped 3:1
primary made from .5" copper tubing. I think 10 turns. Currently stapled to
	plywood (Havnt got a chance to visit the plastic suppliers.)
Air-quenched spark gap (Dual brass doorknob design.) Ran without air this time.
Condenser Products cap
safety gap/chokes (40mH ea)
15000v 120Ma supply. (4- 30ma Neons in parellel)
10" spun stainless steel sphere. (Havent had a chance to get a toroid)
Oh yeah, Using 14 ga silicone coated wire for tank circut.
And it started to rain halfway through...

So, considering this setup, I was lucky to get anything at all... I think I
need to add more turns to my primary too.


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