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   Thanks for the useful description.  I take it that chloroform
   may be used as a solvent wherever methylene chloride is called for
   with these plastics (?) .

>A very normal material for Tesla coil forms.  This material uses a "MEK" 
> Methyl Ethyl Chloride base in its glues, all of which are ready made and in 
>the stores world wide.

   Pardonez moi, but MEK is Methyl Ethyl KETONE. 

   Which do you mean?  And if it is the *chloride*, which isomer would
   you mean or does it matter?  I have no experience with that stuff.


  [ snip ]

>glue offered, and even tape for teflon.  They are all very expensive, as is 
>teflon, itself.  As a side note, Teflon coated wire is great for Tesla coils 
>provided that it is tight wound at  room temperature and this temperature 
>never varies!!  The coils in my lab, which I have wound with teflon wire, 
>have all come unraveled and the layers of wire just separate and fall over 
>the outside of the other turns with expansion and contraction  as the 
>temperatures rises and falls.  This stuff is slick!!  No coating holds to it 
>and there is little hope for coils wound with teflon insulated wire in a 
>highly variable temperature environment.

   We have scads of teflon-coated wire in use here.  The wire seems to
   be good for a higher voltage that it would appear by eye.  As you
   say it is extremely slippery and won't glue so it has to be
   mechanically held and even then it tends to slip.  The teflon is
   very easily nicked by sharp corners and so mechanical holders have
   to be very smooth.   Also, teflon cannot be used in a radiation
   enviornment because it decomposes, a fact that may not be well

>Richard Hull, TCBOR


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