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> >        My search for a suitable potential transformer continues.....
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> Mark,
>         I've read of people blowing potential transformers.
> Distribution transformers on the other hand, none. Distribution
> transformers are designed to survive near lightning strikes and
> therefor have a secondary voltage rating of several hundred thousand
> volts. I've not found references to exact limits yet.
>         Richard? Malcolm? Robert? Wallace? et al?
>         Regards,
>         jim

Hello Jim:
  Thought I would mention a book I picked up about a month ago from a 
friend at work.  It's simply called "Transformers" by Kenneth L. Gebert 
and Kenneth R Edwards.  If you like pole pigs you'll love this book.  It 
covers the construction and design features of small pole pigs, all the 
way up to the huge pad mount types with 345 KV input and then some.  I 
checked to see if they referenced the typical safety ratings of any size 
range, but there isn't a whisper of this area in the entire book.  It 
does have 346 pages with many, many photographs of design features and 
constructionmenthods used by Westinghouse, General Electric, 
McGraw-Edison and others.  Sorry I can't offer specifics, but the book 
maybe of interest to you and others.  It last printing was in 1974 and it 
is a paperback about 6" x 9".  That's all for now.  Got to get back to 
fixing that durn old RF Signal Generator--my system is now ready for a 
rough tune!

Chuck Curran

[An ISBN would be fantastic!  -- Chip]