Re: transformers

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> Date: Wed, 08 May 96 15:02:00 est
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> Subject: transformers
> Hi all,
> Last week end, I bought some of what I thought were neon transformers. The
> only markings on them were "mains" stamped beside a terminal block and
> "Lamp" beside each of two ceramic insulators.  I only paid $5 each so I was
> willing to risk it. The only problem is, the one I tested only puts out 900
> odd volts.
> Firstly, is it likely that they are breaking down internally or is 900 V a
> typical running voltage for some lamp I'm not aware of?
> I've frozen one and broken it out of the pitch. It is currently sitting in a
> bucket of diesel. It  has definate internal tracking  problems with a HV
> winding to mains resistance of about 23 M.
> Secondly, if the boxes tey are in are 8" long by 4" square, what sort of
> power output are they likely to be capable of? How big is a typical 900 VA
> neon?
> Thanks in advance,
> Nick Baroni.
> baronin-at-post.crc.cra-dot-com.au

I have a 4 x 5 x 9 unit which is rated at 270 va.