Re: Beginners, lost?

>From: tom renko <tahoetom-at-best-dot-com>
>Subject: Beginners, lost?
>       Hi Coilers......
>       I have been following this group with great delight for about
>       six months. I really appreciate all the information I've obtained
>       from all of your experience. I am a beginner,and in the first few
>       months of this year, there was a lot of beginners asking  a lot
>       of questions. Lately, however, most of the postings seem to be
>       for the advanced coilers(ie.,pole pigs,etc.) This is a good thing
>       as I want to get past the neon stage too! However, that's where
>       I'm at now, and I still need help. I'm afraid we beginners are
>       getting "gun shy" about irritating the pros with our dumb
>       questions. So, to all other beginners.... don't be afraid to ask
>       any question you can think of. Richard Quick was instrumental in
>       getting me to the point I'm at now. He and the other experienced
>       coilers will help us all,to keep the whole thing moving forward.
>                         Tom Renko
>                         tahoetom-at-best-dot-com
>                         (scare your neighbors..it's fun!)
			 They've gotten use to me;(

		I'm still getting better results with my neon than
with my pig, or at least until I blew my third cap, and my garage door
tensioning spring;( Do you think a hit from a pig could break a 3" by
6' tensioning spring;)?

BTW We can't answer questions that you don't ask:)

Feel free to stick your toe in. We wouldn't ZAP it to hard;)