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>ANYWAY, i can put in the tables, if interested, sample:
>kV (working    BIL (kv)	      Clearance to		
>                               ground     phase  'people'      roadways
>7.5KV           95               6"        7"      8 ft         20 ft
>Now i will ASSume everyone on this list understands that 7.5 KV sparkover is
>A LOT less than 6"  <grins>, with the 6" providing working margin for
>95 KV surges, lightning, or other...	

But I do question their 8' gap for 'people' and 20' for roadways. Is
the road more sensitive to a lightning strike than a person?;)

It also explains why "pole pigs" stand up to TC usage so well: they
are built for a 12 times over-voltage without damage. The poor neon,
is built for a few seconds of 15kV and then years at (about) 1kV!



p.s. I've got a Westinghouse 10+ ll-65 pig. About 7.2kV to 220V center
taped. Any listing for it's BIL?