Re: Excess Capacitance

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>If a given system should be using a .01uF capacitor, for example, does that
>mean that some higher value cap, such as .02uF, will:
>A. give lower performance than the .01uF, or 
>B. give the same performance as the .01uF (but would be underutilized)?
>Worrying myself sick 'till I know the answer,


The value of the capacitor used in the primary circuit of a Tesla coil is
dependent on the frequency of the secondary.  The primary must be tuned to
the secondary resonant frequency (determined by the inductance of the
secondary, it's self capacitance and the capacitance of the toroid or
discharge terminal).  If the system is tuned with a .01 mfd capacitor and you
replace it with a .02 mfd capacitor, it will be grossly mistuned and will
perform poorly.

Ed Sonderman