Re: Driver Circuit Description

Tesla List wrote:
> >> GE Silicone II sealant
> I can't find this in my catalogues - is this silicon rubber?
> - I can see some that works to 260c and has a dielectric
> strength of 24kv/mm. +cures in a day.
> Alan Sharp (UK)

In US its sold in every hardware store for caulking windows, etc.  

If you can get it, use GE RTV for electrical use.  It will say on 
back: "...releases methanol during curing"  The GE II stuff says that 
it doesn't release acetic acid during curing, but it sure smells like 
it- probably acetic anhydride or some other acetyl compound.  I say 
this since aqueous solutions of acetic acid conduct electricity, and I 
am never satisfied to fully let anything cure before using it.

Also, would only use clear silicone sealant, who knows what conductive 
properties some of the pigments might have- like carbon black.

This stuff makes a bulletproof transformer.  Try to keep air gaps out.  
Nice thing about silicone is that it seems to be impervious to ozone 
and UV radiation, which most other dielectrics, excepting teflon, will 
crumble into dust after enough  exposure.