Primary Strikes

Richard Hull,

I saw a recent post of yours about directing discharges from a toroid.  I am
having a problem with my 6" coil with strikes down into the primary.  I use a
40" toroid and am running between 5 and 9 kva.  Pushing it and probably
overpowering this coil.

I have a strike rail around the top of the primary.  Previously, I have had
to lay a coat hanger (or piece of wire) on the toroid, sticking out over the
edge, in order to run the coil at all - at higher power levels.  Without the
wire, the strikes would hit the primary in the first few seconds and fire the
safety gaps which would stay fired until I removed the power.  A couple of
months ago, I added a continuous ridge to the top outside edge of the toroid.
 I used 3/8" plastic tubing, taped in place and covered with aluminum foil
tape.  This had helped a great deal but I still cannot run more than maybe 10
or 15 seconds before the primary gets hit and it all shuts down.

My toroid is mounted about 10" above the last turn on the secondary.  The
resonant frequency is around 130 khz.  Do you have any ideas on how to
prevent this?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman