Re: cap specifications

Hello all,

  I'm a bit curious as to these caps's rating
of tesla service ??? --- or any service for that matter.

  If the L.C.R. ckt.is in resonance ---
  the power factor is 100 % ----or 1 with respect
to the cap.---- power is dissipated by virtue 
of dielectric heating ---- in direct proportion 
to the dielectric constant --- harmonics notwithstanding.
water,for example,
-at- K = 25 ... 40-- around 25 % + of the energy of the ckt
can be wasted -- at resonance .--- 
   Poly has a K of around 2 --- so  around 2% --
    Swollen capacitors syndrome ----
    Tesla used methods of recirculating the oil
in his high power systems---- one of the purposes being 
to cool it,another purpose being to run the rotary spark gap .
    In induction heating ---- (high duty cycles - MONSTER POWER !!) 
water cooled capacitors are an absolute .
     I have a switchable bank of  .002  20 kv  22  A.-at-
3 MC & 1MC ----- derated to 15 A. -at- 400 KC that I use 
to tune --as well as run my experiments ----- Bullet proof so far ---- 
they are mica transmitting caps -- no cooling necessary (YET) !
      In TC applications the spark gap is a primary voltage limiting
device,(stationary is most easily configured ). the rotary gap,on the 
other hand,has a tendency to push the envelope to its max.---
(and beyond)  !   --  zappenfrappen     !!


    I have had good success with High pressure axial air flow. 
 -- I'm soon to continue my work (time and kids permitting)
on both my stationary and rotary gap with hydrogen as the quenching medium --

    re:cap heating/overpressure

    I'm wondering if it wouldn't be prudent to drill a hole
in the cap ---- insert a glass tube-seal it in--  top off the oil & use the 
"oil manometer" to check the temperature of the system
by the expansion of the oil ??---- Also a safety valve---
     Resonant tuning can be facilitated by the implimentation
of such a device designed for that purpose as well .
     If there is any gratafication in an explosion of 
a capacitor ----- It would be ---- "It started working "  !!!!!
 (assuming the design frequency was at work --not 
some sneaky harmonic )     If one cap was used ---- 
get 3 more & connect them in series parallel --- 

      I would appreciate feedback on the above ----
   Make it work --- then make it work gooder !