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> Malcolm and all,

> The second point is one concerning instrumentation
> techniques and I was wondering what has already been
> attempted out of the following (TCBOR sound as though
> they've tried most things and I would like to hear what
> their experiences have shown):
> 1. Measuring the RF base current in the resonator being
> pushed/pulled through the ground connection.
> 2. Measuring the current flowing between the secondary and
> the extra coil.
> 3. Measuring the current flowing from the top of the
> resonator in a two coil system or a 3 coil system, into the
> capacitive load (toroid).
> 4. I read an article by Dr. G L Johnson in the 1992
> Proceedings of the International Tesla Symposium which
> discussed the construction of a capacitive V divider as part
> of the toroid, and measuring the V across this small C as a
> function of total output V. Has anyone seen/tried this?
> Richard Craven, England
> ---


The counter wind of the top third of the resonator sound interesting.  We 
will have to take this idea out for a test drive.

Regarding measurement;  we have tried a lot of things and have been quite 
successful with measuring the tank and resonator base current accurately 
with a Rogowski coil (widewand current transformer).

Measuring the current in the secondary itself is beyond us as well as 
that going into the toroid.  Too much voltage! No insulation!  It might 
work on a micro mini system though.

Gary Johnson (Dr. G.L. Johnson) is a good friend of mine.  He was a 
professor of electronics at KSU for years. (now retired)  His idea about 
capacitive dividing is about the only one which would work with a TC, but 
the cost of the setup to test larger systems would be very pohibitive.  I 
have mentioned this idea in a previous posting here.

The transmission line current between the driver and resonator in a 
magnifier is of extreme interest to us, but again, no good plan has been 
devised due to the ultra high power of the arcs which might instantly 
vaporize any instrument used to measure it.  We're still thinkin' on this 

Richard Hull TCBOR