Re: CP cap order

>[ I just looked up CP's phone number: (904)796-3561, Fax: (904)799-0221
>  I was going to call yesterday, but didn't get the chance.  If anyone 
>  else calls, let everyone know. -- Chip ]

(the area code has been changed to 352)

Well I just called Condenser Products and spoke to a woman who said she had no
record of Scott Myers placing an order.  I mentioned that it probably would
have been made at the end of March or early April and again no luck.  She said
they should have a record if the order was placed, but she couldn't find
anything.  She then checked to see if any orders had been shipped in recent
weeks, and again had no record of anything....same thing Jim posted.  Could he
have used a business name or something? 

This was my first (possibly last!) group order, but I'd be interested in
hearing how they have worked in the past.  I assume CP would ship to each
person individually, and this is one thing I forgot to ask about (for instance
if they had _my_ address on record).  If anyone else calls, they might check

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this whole thing is looking worse and

Charles Brush

[NOTE: The previous order was shipped entirely to Scott, who boxed them up
 and sent them to the various people.  -- Chip]