Re:Humid atmosphere

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>Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 09:14:52 GMT
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>Subject: Re:Humid atmosphere
>>Re: Body capacitance effect on coil tuning
>>	Something is badly amiss there.  I can't imagine your coil
>>being that sensitive to the effect of someone nearby.  A change of
>>a percent or so in resonant frequency seems reasonable, b ut not
>>much more unless your coil is enormous.  I would think a person
>>15 feet away from even a four foot high coil would have an almost
>>unmeasurable effect when the coil was firing and the "
>>"Q" reduced by the spark loading.
>>Ed Phillips
>>Ed. I agree with you. Something is strange out here. I measured the
>resonance again and asked someone else to move from 50 ft towards the coil.
>(The coil is about 5ft 8" high). As they aproach you can see the resonance
>change dramatically on the oscilliscope. At around 15 ft away the coil no
>longer tunes in to any resonance within range. This only happens in the
>jungle atmoshere and not in town. Have you any way to imitate the high
>humidity and temperature to test this on your coil? It is 32 degrees Celsius
>and 100% humidity in the evening. The heat prevents any condensation and
>everything remains dry until dark. I have now removed the coil as I could
>find no way to make it work in these conditions but would still like to know
>what effect was preventing it from operating.
>Thanks for the reply,
>PAUL MILLOTT (Failed again)


You may have come up with a more profitable use for a Tesla coil than 
making spark shows.  It sounds like you have a very effective personnel 
detector capable of use in heavy jungle.  Have you tried asking for a 
multi-million dollar government grant to study the obvious military 
applications of this?  If you did get big support, somehow I would 
not be suprised.

That phenomenon certainly is a poser!  Think of it on the bright 
side.  You have a coil system that requires 50 foot clearance for 
(safe) operation!!!!!!

Happy Coiling!, rwstephens