Beginners, lost?

       Hi Coilers......

       I have been following this group with great delight for about
       six months. I really appreciate all the information I've obtained
       from all of your experience. I am a beginner,and in the first few
       months of this year, there was a lot of beginners asking  a lot
       of questions. Lately, however, most of the postings seem to be
       for the advanced coilers(ie.,pole pigs,etc.) This is a good thing
       as I want to get past the neon stage too! However, that's where
       I'm at now, and I still need help. I'm afraid we beginners are
       getting "gun shy" about irritating the pros with our dumb
       questions. So, to all other beginners.... don't be afraid to ask
       any question you can think of. Richard Quick was instrumental in
       getting me to the point I'm at now. He and the other experienced
       coilers will help us all,to keep the whole thing moving forward.

                         Tom Renko

                         (scare your neighbors..it's fun!)