Re: Help w/ Chokes

> Thank you, I was looking for the transient over voltage limit.
>I'll check with the library about getting a copy of the book.
> jim

>>My 16 kV, 10 kVA pole pig has a test specification called B.I.L. 
>>which I believe stands for Basic Impulse Level. 


I just got a great book this weekend entitled "Electrical Machines, Drives, and
Power Systems" from Barnes & Noble (author Theodore Wildi, Prentice-Hall Inc.,
ISBN 0-13-251547-4) which has a section on BIL.  Yes it's a standardized test
that uses an impulse which hits its peak in 1.2 microseconds and decays to one
half of peak in 50 microseconds.  Typical test voltages range from 30kV to

This book has provided a lot of good reading over the weekend and I highly
recommend it.  It is basically a textbook with some basic electrical & physics
stuff in the beginning, and then lots of info on industrial power..i.e.
different types of motors (synchronous, 3 phase etc etc), motor control,
transformers (distribution transformers, theory, impedance testing etc.,
cooling, ratings, hysteresis losses, some info on neons and other high
impedance types, etc etc).  It also has a good section on power
distribution/transmission with info on large scale power factor correction etc.
 It explians what many of those devices you see on power lines are (cutouts,
sectionalizers, caps...)  Really fascinating stuff!

Charles Brush