Rotatry Gaps motors

Hi all,

I was talking to a couple of friends of mine in Canberra about motors 
used for gaps, and was pointed out a rather important thing.

If the motor is running under synchronous, the coil should 
experience "spluttering output". Our mains power works at 50Hz here, 
therefore our synchronous speed is 1500rpm. The way I've been told to fix 
this problem is by grounding 4 flat edges (about 1/4" deep) onto the 
rotation shaft of the motor. The motor should then, as it is approaching 
the synchronous speed, make a "lock in" sound. This should then set the 
coil running with a continous output.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this?

My motor at the moment is a 1/4 horsepower 1440 rpm asynchronous motor, 
it has not yet been adjusted, as with very low input power, I have experienced the 
"spluttering effect".

This can also be noticed on variable speed DC motors, during the phase 
where it has not yet approached synchronous.

Comments? Suggestions?

See ya's later...


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