Re: Excess Capacitance

Hi Tedd,

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, Tedd on the Tesla List wrote:

> If a given system should be using a .01uF capacitor, for example, does that
> mean that some higher value cap, such as .02uF, will:
> A. give lower performance than the .01uF, or 
> B. give the same performance as the .01uF (but would be underutilized)?

Well, depending on your power supply, you could have either of the two 
above occurrances.

Apply the formula C = 1 / (2*Pi*F*R) where -
C is in Farads
Pi = 3.1415...etc
F = 60Hz (or 50Hz, depeding which country/area)
R = impedence of xformer (Volts / Amps)

A Neon xformer of 15KV -at- 0.60amps will be ideal for this capacitance of 

I higher capacitance may have a result of the spark gap miss firing or 
perhaps not firing at all. Generally, most likely lower performance as 
there probably wouldn't be enough power for higher capacitance value.

Hope that can help you out a little! :-)

Happy designing/building! :-)


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