Re: ignitron tubes

Tesla List wrote:

> >hi! wanted to see if anyone in the group has had any experience using
> >ignitron tubes in "big coils",i have a couple that i'm going to use on
> >my 18,000 watt coil, anyone got any ideas?
> >                                            tnx bill ...hb-at-earthlink-dot-net
> Hi Bill,
> I believe that the general concensus 'round these parts' is that
> ignitron tubes are not suitable for use in Tesla coils of any size
> because the turn off (deioinization) time is far too long.  This is a

Someone had asked several weeks ago about the identity of some mystery 
tubes.  They were found to be thyratrons, but the normal mercury vapor 
type.  However, as I said, I understand that there are "hydrogen" 
thyratrons that are very fast and would be suitable for Tesla coil gap 
replacement.  (although I wouldn't want to use one that had 02 leaking 
into it, ha)  But, I've never seen any on the surplus market- nor do I 
have any specs for any-  were probably only used for exotic gov 
projects back during the Cold War.    Rob.