Capacitor Selection

I received another reply from Jeffrey Fielder at Condenser Products
yesterday.  I had asked him if they want the failed capacitor back for
failure analysis.  Since this is the first C.P. cap I have heard of
exploding, I would have thought they would be interested in looking at it.
 He said it would be useful to look at but that I don't have to send it back
if I prefer not to.

I had also asked for a quote on a .025 mfd cap rated at 25 kv Tesla tank
circuit operation.  His reply is that 20 kv is the largest they make in the
.025 value.  What he sent was his standard price list for capacitors designed
specifically for Tesla coil application.  The next voltage step up from 20 kv
is 32 kv and they only make .005 and .01 mfd caps in this rating.

By the way, the standard price for a .025 mfd, 20 kv unit is $207.00 which
includes freight.

Ed Sonderman