caps & welders

Hi all,

I was recently looking through my Fair Radio Sales catalog when I saw some $99
100kV DC .01uF caps.  They are quite small and look like plastic film caps (bit
bigger than a brick, 7 lbs, made in '83).  Has anyone here tried these for 2
coil or magnifier use?  They look promising, and with the delay in the CP order
I'm getting mighty tempted... 

Welders:  A while ago a few people here were discussing the merits of the
Century Powerdisk welder with continuously variable shunt (under load).  I was
wondering how this welder has worked out, and if being able to move the shunt
under load has been that useful in realworld use.  Anybody know of any good
catalog sources for these or other arc welders?

Thanks for any replies!

Charles Brush