My tesla bibliography

For those who would like a schematic of my MOSFET driver for my 
stand-alone magnifier, here are several references which you may be 
interested in checking out while I cut-and-paste a schematic together 
(yet here I am on a Power-Mac clone- and no CAD):

1. Bylund, Duane; "Solid State Tesla Coil"; Radio Electronics; Sept 
1991; p. 33.  (the orginal inspiration for my driver and coil)  

2.  Sloan, David: "A Radiofrequency High Voltage Generator"; Physical 
Review; Vol 47, Jan 1935; p. 62.  (the first/basic vacuum-tube Tesla 
coil reference)

3. JD Craggs and JM Meeks; High Voltage Laboratory Techniques (book); 
Butterworths, London, 1954; p. 93.  (hard to find book is a wealth of 
info on all HV topics, but has chapter on resonant coils)

some other research related articles:

4. Bruns, Donald: "A Solid State Tesla Coil Demonstrator"; Am. J. 
Physics; 60(9), Sept.l992; p. 797.  (a low voltage device using an 
opto-relay to replace spark gap- designed for modeling of large scale 
tesla coils, without the need for the expensive instrumentation 
associated with extremely high voltages)

5. Hoffman, CRJ; "A Tesla Transformer High Voltage Generator"; Rev. 
Sci. Instrum.; vol 46 #1; Jan 1975; p. 1. (details 2.5meV coil for 
electron ring accellerator)

6. Reed, JL; "Greater Voltage Gain for Tesla Transformer 
Accellerators"; Rev. Sci. Instrum.; vol 59 #10; Oct 1988; p. 2300.
(method for obaining 18% more voltage out of coil)

7. Bieniosek, FM; "Triple Resonance Pulse Transformer Circuit"; Rev. 
Sci. Instrum.; vol 61 #6; June 1990; p. 1717.  (rediscovery of the 

8. Abramyan, EA; "Transformer Type Accellerators for Intense Electron 
Beams"; IEEE Trans. Nuclear Sci.;vol.18 (1970), p.447.  (Russian 
research- Dr. Strangelove never mentioned anything about a "Tesla coil 
gap" :)  )

9. Matsuzawa, et al; "Design Charts for Tesla Transformer Type 
Relativistic Electron Beam Accellerators"; Rev. Sci. Instrum; vol 53 
#5; May 1982; p. 694.  (optimizing design parameters for max output)

10.  A Luches and A Perrone; "Coupled Marx-Tesla Circuit for 
Production of Intense Relativistic Electron Beams"; Rev. Sci. 
Instrum.; vol 49 #12; Dec. 1978; p. 1629.  (self-decriptive)

11. Boscolo, et al; "Tesla Transformer Accellerator for the Production 
of Intense Relativistic Electron Beams"; Rev. Sci. Instrum.; vol 46 
#11; Nov. 1975; p. 1535.

12. Boscolo, et al; "Electron Beam Production by a Tesla Transformer 
Accellerator"; Rev. Sci. Instrum.; vol 48 #7; July 1977; p. 747.

I hope this info will spur some to spend some time at the local 
university library.  There are alot of papers contained in the 
bibliographies of the above works that I was unable to obtain.  I 
understand that some from this list are in Bay area of Ca.- my old 
haunt, Bechtel Eng. Library at Berkeley, should have just about 
everything.  Good luck.  Rob.